The Best Places To Hide Your Tiny Tattoos

Various individuals get tattoos for different reasons. You will want to get a secret spot for your tattoo if you are doing it for someone special or personal reasons. But other people need to go big on tattoos to show their styles and personalities or to make a statement. If you want to hide a tattoo away from the public eye, choose a hidden place to put it. The best thing there parts you can put your tattoo without everyone seeing it. The following are parts you can hide your tattoo.


If you need to avoid pain, the ankle is the least painful areas to tattoo. It also has a perfect hiding place if you don’t want to expose your tattoo to the public eye. You can use high toe shoes to cover your tattoo, and it is a perfect part for ladies as it happens to be feminine.

Under Boobs

It will be a perfect spot for ladies who want to have a secrete tattoo. You can be sure the tattoo is hidden from people unless you put on a bikini. You can also hide your tattoo on the sides of your boobs as it a fantastic spot to try.

Behind The Ear

You can hide your tattoo behind the ear as it is one of least familiar place for one to cover up a tattoo that you value. You can hold your hair down if you need to hide your tattoo and later put your hair up if you want to show it off. This place is not painful for a tattoo as it has nerve endings.

Inner Lip

It is a perfect hiding place though it is unusual part to have a tattoo. You can have your tattoo done on your upper lip though the bottom lip seems to be known for this. Tattoos are pretty impressive and exciting on the lips. However, these tattoos fade quicker because of the mouths nature of being moist.

Under Feet

It is the most hidden place to have a tattoo as mostly your feet is inside your shoes. You can have your tattoo last long compared to other parts of the body.

Inner Wrist

fvhgydInner wrist makings an amazing part of having your tattoo inked. It is the commonly known part of the body where people tattoo. You can hide your tattoo by wearing a watch or a bracelet and people cannot be able to see it.