Features of a quality escape room

  • Frederick Hedges
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  • 2017-06-23
  • Many individuals and corporate bodies have come to appreciate the importance of participating in escape room games. Their ability to educate and initiate mental growth among the participants has been recognized in many parts of the world. All over the world, escape room games companies have sprung up, and are all offering unique concepts and ideas. Because of the availability of a big number of these service providers, it can be quite challenging for you choose the best escape room that meets all your imaginations and desires.

    Ideally, the best escape room should be able to provide the right atmosphere and stimulate your adrenaline in order for you have a great and thrilling experience throughout the time you spend in it. It is, therefore, important to ensure that the escape room that you choose to visit will offer puzzles that are quite challenging in order to entice your imagination, thus allowing you to become innovative, insightful, and thoughtful while trying to plan how to escape from the room. The best escape room should ideally be conducive enough in order to allow free flow of ideas. Here below are some of the Features of a Quality Escape Room that you need to look for:


    Every good escape room should have a theme. Every theme should always be strategic and carefully set in order for you to understand it as soon as you walk in. Essentially, the theme is the most important aspect of an escape room. This is because if the theme does not appeal to your imagination, it cannot set the right mood that can help stimulate your adrenaline in order to allow you get a thrilling escape room experience. You should, therefore, have an idea of the kind of theme that can help you get kind of thrill you want to experience beforehand. This will help you choose the right escape room that suits your taste without necessarily wasting a lot of time and energy. Mostly, escape room games providers are always looking for themes that are adaptable to the taste of the greatest majority of gamers.

    Setup and Props

    The most popular escape rooms are the ones with best settings and props. The set-up includes, among other things, lighting, and electronics, sound, mechanic, and technique. In addition, the props should be of high quality in order to have the ability to discharge the objectives of the theme. It is important to ensure that the set-up in the escape room that you want to book for your game in is not too difficult to crack and not too simple to make it boring. In addition, you should seek to know whether or not the clues are strategically placed. They should not be out of reach.

    They should not have Clutter

    A high-quality escape room should not have a lot of clutter. Here clutter refers to things that cannot help you in your game. Some escape rooms refer to clutter as red herrings.They are essentially fillers that are meant to help extend a shorter experience to a longer one. They only serve to decrease the value of the game. In this regard you should avoid such escape rooms.


    These are some of the features of a quality escape room that you need to look for.…