How To Buy Used Pianos In Singapore

  • Heather Dilday
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  • 2017-06-17
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    Music is used to sooth the heart in most occasions. As a matter of fact, it is medicinal for various psychological problems including fatigue. One of the major instruments used for the same is a piano. Thus owning one particularly if you know how to play it, will perfectly spice it. Additionally, music wannabes and experts alike can benefit a lot from a piano. Used Pianos in Singapore are very popular and reliable. So, if you live there, things can be a little easier as you can get an imported second-hand piano. But how can one ensure they get high-quality pianos? The tips below will help you in this matter.

    Tips when buying used pianos in Singapore

    Research for a reliable seller

    Singapore is one of the countries which has highly embraced the use of technology. Therefore, almost any seller would have a web shop, and this makes it easy to do research online. While checking for the same it crucial to have a couple of sellers shortlisted for a further background check. Since most if not all will claim to offer the best deals, various parameters can be used.


    Check the customer feedback who should give the best clue on reliability and quality of products supplied by the supplier. Similarly, check the variety each vendor offers.

    Check the country of origin

    If you are a music fan, you will probably understand where some of the best pianos come from. If not, then do a quick check on the internet. Equipped with this information, it is easy to conclude whether the seller is seriously in business or not. If they import from one of the best countries, then there are high chances of getting a quality product. If the brands are unknown, it is a prudent idea to take time and research on it first.

    Ask if you can run a trial

    Well, a web shop may not give much of a chance to run a test on your piano. It can only be seen on pictures from the website and thus asking for a chance to test it would be a better deal for you. Since you may not be conversant with piano details, this business can be handled by a professional. A test will clear any doubt you may have before committing to pay or even identify a problem early.

    Consider cost

    Pianos are expensive and not owned by many. A new one would leave a whole in your budget for that matter. However, one would expect a second hand to lower than the new one. So, what factors determine the cost? Is it the type? Is it the specifications? Or is it the condition? Well, all these can be used to negotiate the price before making a final payment.



    Lastly, a warranty is crucial for such an expensive piece of item. As much as it may be difficult to get the original one, factory refurbished ones will come with a short warranty. A reliable seller can also give a warranty but with a simpler cover. Ask about a free delivery as well; it is usually covered.…